Monday, 1 March 2010

Onward and upward

Hi folks

just a recap on the last coupla weeks. Our two shows in the west country both went very well. Christchurch was a sellout and a very respectable 350 at weston Supermare on Sunday as well.
Sandwiched in between these two was a One Vision night with Skillnet, the last of the tour. A lovely night was had by all and Louise tells us they're planning a new show in which we have been asked to participate. the heads up is it's based on Fawltey Towers so we're wondering quite how Queen ties up with that but we'll wait and see!
Give us the World got an airing and was very well received which was encouraging. Now we have to mix and master what we've recorded and we'll see how the release goes.
We're doing a remix at Lunar Sound on Tuesday/Wednesday to get a bit more power into the equation and will await the results with interest.

Last weekend saw two more sellouts which makes four sellouts out of the last five shows.
You notice I said sellout twice there. I do like the word sellout, oops there it is again!

Lichfield Garrick on Friday was lovely and Saturday found us in Winslow. Not a theatre show this one but a standing audience of about 350 at the local hall and the place rocked. Theatre shows are more sedate with everyone seated and we like the atmosphere which gives us the chance to perform in a more considered fashion and with a certain degree of finesse. Must admit though, when everone is up it does get the blood pumping harder and creates more excitement so thanks Winslow, I have a feeling we'll be back.
Winslow was a charity event organised by the rotary club and I think we raised a couple of grand for the fight against Polio. Nice to be a part of something like this and I gather Bill Gates pledged twice as much again in dollars for anything raised so that's even better. Well done Don james for organising a very successful evening.

Back to the theatre side of things and promoter Roy Hastings seems happy with our progress so far this tour, in fact I heard the word ecstatic mentioned so I reckon we'll be revisiting all of our recent conquests again. the next lot of dates are on the way for the autumn.

A word then for all of you Queen lovers out there who have come to see us in such large numbers and made so many memorable nights already this year.
We salute you. It's your support that makes the whole thing happen so keep it up and we'll see you out there!

A word also for the boys, Wayne & Kevin who are now as tight a rythm section as a camel's bottom in a sand
storm and Chris who has added so much to our musical capabilities. Well done chaps, we're motoring up the table!
The boy Dan has also given sterling service (when he's awake!) well done that man.

A final honourable mention again for Kevin who is always beavering away behind the scenes organising everything that isn't nailed down. He gets through so much work, sorts out everything from light shows & logistics to promotion and merchandise and perhaps we don't always show how hugely it's all appreciated.

Got something in my eye there... :0)

Speak soon


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