Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Couple of days in the studio/Chesham & Rotherham

We had an interesting mid week stint in Canterbury. Skillnet very kindly lent us the use of their recording studio for a couple of days and we banged out a version of our World Cup song, 'Give us the World'

Two days isn't much time but we pulled it off ok, recording the music on Wednesday and the lead and harmony vocals next day. Now all we need is a decent mix we can all agree on and it'll be ready for release. So that's that then.
It'll be interesting to see what our Engineer Clive comes up with . He is obviously leaning toward a radio friendly mix with vocals well up and everything sounding a bit dry for our taste and we're torn really between wanting the song to sound current and wanting it to have the obligatory Queenlike hugeness of the eighties which everyone remembers so well.

Time will tell but I suspect Queen hugeness will prevail in the end . It's nice to be doing something we've written ourselves for a change but it's very obviously in the style of Queen and that is the aim of the whole thing so not have the production reflect that would be a bit pointless.

Anyway, that task finished, it was off to the Elgiva theatre Chesham on Friday and a sellout at Rotherham Civic Theatre on Saturday. Two cracking nights crowned for me, by the inclusion of Love of my Life at Rotherham. It's such a simple song but so exposed and I'm always terrified of either forgetting the words or the audience not joining in but we really nailed it on Saturday and Rotherham sang it beautifully. Chris was happy too because he got to sit on his Queen monogrammed stool. Honestly there are no excesses to which this man will not go for the sake of authenticity!
Brighton Rock next. Full album version, which will be a challenge but the boys are all well up for it.

So it's off to Christchurch, Margate and Weston Supermare this weekend and we'll be introducing Chris to the One Vision musical on Saturday at Margate Theatre Royal. I understand they've worked 'Give us the World' into the show so it'll be nice to have a crack at performing it live.

Rock on all. Speak soon


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