Monday, 14 December 2009

Merry Christmas and see you next year

Hi Folks

That's us done for the year then!

Two cracking nights at the Boom Boom club in Sutton and the Tamworth Snowdome to finish our involvement in 2010 (well I think there's a private party on the 29th but you get the general idea :0)

It was a great way to end a great year for the Bohemians. We really have gone from strength to strength this year and are looking forward to next year with relish.

And it could all have gone pretty badly this weekend actually. I got some ghastly bug at the backend of last weekend, backend being the operative word here! Ooh, nasty it was. Anyway this turned into a bad cold and I really thought the old vocal chords had had it but thankfully no. I had my full range and we had a couple of stormers.
Just as well really as we had Eddie, Elaine and a clutch of Rhodes Rockers to impress at Tamworth. they turned up to check us out so to speak and it was a pleasure to have a chat with Eddie before the gig.

We did the usual round of balloons and tinsel although shockingly I wasn't at first allocated any tinsel for my mic stand! Imagine! Me, freddie Mercury with no tinsel! I had to throw a strop before this disgraceful state of affairs was rectified. I don't know, just can't get the staff ...

We also added the obligatory renditions of Thank God It's Xmas and Santa Claus is coming to town and generally it all went down rather well, glasses raised and festive cheer to one and all sort of thing. I particularly enjoyed being roasted by the pyros during Bohrap on Friday. Thanks Will! he played a cracking piano solo on Crazy by the way.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported the Bohemians through this eventful year.
A big thankyou to Nick ballard ret. for his sterling service over 12 or so years. the big haired, big hearted one will be sadly missed by all. Thanks Chris for stepping into the breach and bringing to the band all those things wot you've brought my old son. I gather you 'ave!
Also thanks to Dan and his sterling work with lights and various other duties and to Katharine for her help repairing costumes. Much appreciated.

World cup next year. All sorts of possibilties. Who knows in what context we might be belting out We are the Champions eh? Right, that's put the kibosh on England then!

Finally, as I often say; Most of all, thank you for coming!

Merry Christmas and we'll see you all next year


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Lazing on a Thursday afternoon

Hi all

I'm starting to get my head around this blog business now. My first attempt can be viewed as comments on Kevin's first message so that didn't work out quite right! But anyway it's on there and you can presumably find it without too much difficulty.

I 'aint going to say too much today for the simple reason that I said it all yesterday!

So just a quick resume on what I've been doing today. A bit of piano practice on Death on Two Legs (love that intro) Seaside Rendevous and also lazing on a Sunday Afternoon which is a bit of a hoot. Another one we're planning on doing is It's a Hard Life which should slot quite nicely into the first set. there are quite a few songs I practice with the possibilty that they may never be performed. The likes if My Melancholy Blues, You Take My Breath Away, Teo Torriatte. Can't see that one getting in can you? maybe if we play in Japan...Thing is I just love playing so I do it for fun. I took up piano late on, after I joined the Boh's actually so it's all still very fresh. I'll probably always be a better guitarist than a pianist but I love the fact that I can play piano now. Always promised myself I'd learn. Anyway Chris obviously gets to play all that lovely May guitar work the lucky dog so I have to keep myself entertained somehow!

Speak soon


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Bohemians Queen Tribute New Blog


Welcome to our new Blog.

It has taken a while but we are slowly catching up with all this online stuff! We also now have a Face Book site which is; 'The Bohemians Queen Tribute Band Appreciation Society'!

Rob Comber 'Freddie' will be contributing mostly to this blog and will keep you updated and entertained on a fairly regular basis.

Thanks for visiting.
See you soon
All the best
Kevin Goodwin