Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rhodes Rocks and all that

Hello all. It' s been far too long since the last blog and so much has happened since the last one that this can only be a very brief recap so here goes!

This year has panned out very positively for us and our advent into the world of theatre has started very well. Thanks for everyone who has supported us and made our first theatre tour such a success.

I believe we will be foraying up north in the autumn so see you somewhere on the road oop theer.

The main event this summer was Rhodes Rock and what a wonderful experience that was.

I could write reams about this but I'd be here all day so I'll just content myself by saying it was a real joy to work in such a positive atmosphere with so many brilliant bands and to make so many new friends in such a short space of time. Eddie and Elaine deserve nothing but the highest praise for organising this event and Pete and Johhny and the boys did a high class job providing the logistical support to make it all run so smoothly. Also from all the Bohemians, a big thank you to all you Rhodes Rockers out there who breathed life into the whole thing. Long may you Rock.

We are proud to have been part of such a great and noble undertaking. In other words we 'kin loved every minute of it so roll on Rhodes Rock 2011.

Since Rhodes we've also been involved in a couple of crackers. Last saturday we played at the Chalfont St Peter Feast of St Peter to a 5-6 thousand strong crowd and they seemed as pleased to see us as we were to see them! Great show and thanks to Mike for looking after us so well and putting on such a great event. England did us a favour as well by not topping their group and thus not playing on the day but did us no good at all by crashing out on Sunday. Moving on...

Yesterday found us bang in the middle of the capital, just off Oxford street and playing in the Motcomb Street Party with once again a 5000 strong audience. We could get used to this! Well done Paul for putting on such a great lineup. the Amy Winehouse and George Michael tributes were top notch and the real Harry Hill turned up to open the party which was partly in aid of the Household Cavalry charity. In Harry's words 'By the left quick, cheer!' Genius.

Never had bouncers provided by the British army before either, we're obviously going up in the world .

Just a quick mention for the gigs at Colyton and Ashwell before we jetted off to Rhodes. Wonderful shows both especially the St Marys gig which was actually in the church itself and proved one of our most atmospheric shows to date. Maybe we had a little help from on high there..

Next up this weekend the Suffolk crazy gang gig where we will be providing a marathon 2.5 hour set and thence on to the Shamrock festival in Cavan Eire. Also on the bill for that one will be Rhodes Rock compatriots Livewire and Lets Zep so we'll look forward to having a chin wag with them and another chance to enjoy their excellent sets.

Before I go a last mention to all the other Rhodes Rock bands. I loved the ZZ Tops take on ZZ Top. (Billy Bigguns!) John Campbell is so close to Hendrix it's scary. Lovely chap too. Foreigners Journey were spot on and their new singer Jim is quite amazing. I'll put in an early request for Jukebox hero for next time..

Thanks especially to Think Floyd for providing the impeccable soundtrack to my best ever birthday. Thanks to Richard for the spot on solo in Comfortably Numb and to Rob for his frenetic dancing display at Arches! Also to Lewis and John (Livewire) for the politically questionable but fun formation of the Dirty B*stards on the final night. To Pete and the boys for their set on the same night. I particularly enjoyed 'Video Killed the radio Star' I said I'd be here all day didn't I...

Right that's enough for now.

Speak soon!