Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Today Welwyn and Tomorrow the World

Hi all

Here's the latest from the last fortnight. Another brace of sellouts at Shearsby Bath and Welwyn Garden City. A great show at the Brecon Theatre the following week (don't ask me to try the Welsh pronounciation!) and a mixed and mastered World Cup song have been our achievments since last we spoke.

We're all very pleased with the way Give Us The World finally turned out. Luke Fellingham at Lunar Sound did a fantastic job of turning our song into a finished product. It kicks bottom as we intended and so we are keenly awaiting it's release which should be sometime in the next few weeks through Red Admiral records. I love the name of the pulishing company, Cringe Music! All proceeds go to Skillnet remember so it 'aint for profit.

So come on people, get ready to download it at
There we go, that's the plug done!

Seriously it's ripe for a listen at maximum volume. This may be angled on novelty value but it stands up very well as a song in it's own right if you like your epic ballary piled on with a table spoon and lets face it, that's the essence of Queen which is the whole idea. Get on that link and lets celebrate England's inevitable triumph with a number one. Come on Becks, download it.
It'll cheer you up honest!

We also had John-Marc on the case doing a companion video for youtube and the first viewings have come out really well. Basically we filmed in costume on the stage sets of Campus West in Welwyn Garden City and Brecon before those shows. I have to say the set looks great. We also 'borrowed' the audience at Campus West for the Champions style arm waving thing during the gig.
Thanks Campus West you did us proud. Mind you anyone will wave their arms about for a couple of minutes if they think it'll get em on TV, I know I do!

There are a few other ideas we used in the video including footage of our recording session filmed sepia style ah la eighties, and a reconstruction of the Bohrap four faces bit which didn't come out too well first time.

We redid though and it looked great second time round.
My fault that one. For some reason I decided we should be looking up at the camera but of course we later sussed that we should be looking down our noses at it with our faces in shadow. Oh and not grinning like Cheshire cat's either. Sorted!

Anyway, all good fun and something to look forward to when it's finished and ready for release.

An honourable mention for Chris and his brainwave of putting Delila in his solo at the Brecon gig. they nearly took the roof off singing it! A masterstroke which erased the memory of the snapage of a top E during the Welwyn solo a week previously. Cringe music? ooh yes, poor man...
Still he recovered well but needed substantial quantities of Cabernet Savignon for medicinal purposes after the show.

As I said at the time, Life's a bitch, rather him than me!

It comes to us all mate. My turn next I reckon.

That's all for now folks. Off you go then... :0)


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